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Our company history begins now, in the year 2021. It actually began in January or February 2021 when a piece of rainforest in Peru was offered for sale to us. At that time we realized that we had to do something about the destruction of the rainforest, because this rainforest was intended for exploitation.

If the rainforest has to be sold, so we thought, then people who want to preserve it should buy it. There is so much money in the world why shouldn’t it be used for something useful? Little money can save the rainforest just as much as big money. This is our philosophy. Everyone should buy a piece of rainforest. If there are many large and small pieces of rainforest next to each other, then it becomes increasingly unlikely that one of the owners will burn the forest down to plant a field there. When a lot of people own the rainforest and want to make sure that the forest is preserved, this creates a force that increases over time. Everyone who owns a piece of rainforest should be able to visit it. We will issue title deeds and with the help of geodata location every owner will know exactly where his piece of rainforest is and how he is doing.

So that we can do that, we founded the non-profit company Planetlungs.org. More precisely, the company in Peru is called Planetlungs Amazonas and because our first female president lives in Ayacucho in Peru, we have chosen this city as the location. We intend to move our headquarters to the Amazon rainforest area later.

There are currently six employees, all of whom have different qualifications, and we hope that many more employees and volunteers with many interests and many skills or hopes will join us soon.

You Have the Power to save the Breath of the World

The Founder


Uwe W. Alfred Lehnfeld

Publicist, journalist, author, businessman, M.A., MBA

For a long time I tried to make money selling manufactured goods. With decent success. One day a business friend offered me a forest in Peru for sale. I had no idea what it was or how it was supposed to be done. Sell a forest? Who should buy this? At first I had the idea that it was a piece of land and that something could then be done with it. I didn’t know that it was a forest concession that the Peruvian state grants to cut down trees and sell them. The concessionaire has the right to fell 5% trees in its concession area every year. It is clear that these trees are primarily tropical precious woods. Little did I know that a lot of ignoble trees would have to be cut down before the noble trees could even be got. I also didn’t know that an infrastructure would have to be built for this business. It consists of storage areas, settlements for the forest workers, roads, airfields, tank farms, food stores and machine parks. 

“As I looked at the matter, I realized that a crime was being committed here. Rainforest is being destroyed so that a few pieces of furniture can be built in Europe or North America or Asia with an elegant decor. But the rainforest is the lungs of our planet! The 165 million hectares of the Amazon rainforest produce 20% of the world’s oxygen. That is as much oxygen as all other rainforests on the globe produce together! This vital resource simply cannot be harmed!

I changed. I didn’t want to sell any more industrial goods. I wanted to save the forest. I wanted no more trees to be felled and I wanted to ask people to help me so that nobody would think about using a chainsaw anywhere in the Amazon rainforest. That’s why I founded Planetlungs.org. Planetlungs is the platform that enables our work. With Planetlungs we want to achieve the world’s help for the rainforest. We want to reach people who are as concerned about the goal of salvation as we are. 

As a founder, I ask you to accept Planetlungs.org as your platform. I ask you to use this platform to get in touch with other like-minded people who also want to work to save the rainforest. Let us meet on this platform and let us network here to do everything we can to ensure that no more trees are felled in the Amazon rainforest. Many achieve more than some and any help is welcome!

The Founder

Luz Norma Arones

 Business Engineer, Controlling SAP and Warehouse Management 

I am the daughter of entrepreneurial parents and grandparents. During my childhood and adolescence I was educated and prepared to take on the companies that I would inherit in the future. With this, I would also inherit all the responsibilities of managing money, all assets and everything that means running a company.

My youth developed in difficult times of politics, of many structural changes and also economic changes.

In spite of so many positive and negative influences that happened in my life, I remain in my taxation, the feeling of sharing, of helping, of doing something for others. Perhaps it is not clear for someone to understand what I write but I will tell you a passage from my experience:

 I remember my mother holding my hand and that we both walked in corridors, that place was a hospital where there were many children lying in her beds. Some seated looked at us curiously when we passed by their sides. our eyes met when we approached, their sad faces or perhaps in pain, suddenly changed and smiling happily they extended their little hands to receive some small gifts that my mother gave them. Then the other children eagerly awaited their turn.

Although my young age did not understand everything, I walked observing and I was silent when the doctors and nurses approached to greet my mother, thanking for the gifts we had brought and the donation of money that she had given.

For many years I feel, it is still in me, that feeling that I must do something for the good.

Life has so many facts and changes. The bitter and beautiful experiences that I lived throughout my life made me live like everyone else in a world where the reality of what we are living is lacking.


For me, the preservation of our planet, until recently had neither the same importance nor interest. Suddenly the national and international news broadcasts are alarming the humility of the fatal changes that our planet has begun to undergo.


It is alarming the droughts suffered in many countries, where water is so vital for the inhabitants of the affected areas.

Here in Europe, sudden immunizations foul and wash away houses, cars, trees and many human lives. Never before have we seen or verified the force of nature and how great is our inability to defend ourselves against fury and natural force.


At the same time, forests in America, Australia, Canada, Africa and many more are on fire. temperatures reach more than 45 degrees and a spark is enough to destroy the crops and forests of many countries. Firefighters who struggle with the heavy work of putting out the fury of the flames are lost every day.



Do not forget the glaciers of the north and south poles have fallen into the sea and the sea level is rising. lakes and rivers pollute crops and the areas and climates of the planet are changing.


We guilty or not guilty continue to work against our planet. Politicians close their eyes to so many factors that affect the climate and accelerate the rise in global temperature of our planet. The continuous protection of the great economy, the granting of many licenses and permits of the great concerns allow to exploit, poison, destroy our planet and constantly lead to the destruction and extinction of humanity.


The millions of dollars or euros generated will be useless in the future if today we do not make radical changes in all aspects of the world economy.

We must all wake up and try to slow down the climate changes that our planet is undergoing. We must work in the direction of climate protection and understand that this planet is our planet, our home, the home of future generations and only we can do something.

The forests of the Amazon are so important to all of us, we must protect them from excessive logging; The Amazon is one of the most important lungs in the world that generates oxygen for all of us.

We count on you for our mission


We are idealists, romantics, pragmatists, thinkers, workers, lawyers, merchants, writers, journalists, industrial engineers, entrepreneurs and people with a heart. We want our world not to fall victim to the juggernaut of industry. It is possible that our planet will enter a warm period without our intervention, but it is also possible that the many combustion processes that go hand in hand with modern economies are responsible for the warming of the climate. We want to preserve the most important, perhaps the last, resources of this planet, we want this world to remain livable. That is why we aim to buy the Amazon rainforest. Maybe not as a whole, but in as many parts as possible. When the rainforest is in the hands of people who want to preserve it, there is still hope. So our strategic goal is to buy as much Amazon rainforest as possible. We want to activate as much funds as possible for this. We are thus protecting the climate from further damage. 


Our mission is to ensure that no more trees are felled in the Amazon rainforest. It is also our mission to ensure that no more rainforests in the Amazon region are slashed and burned. We also want to ensure that the forest area in the catchment area of the Amazon is no longer rededicated for agricultural use and that no more oil is sought and extracted and that no more gold or other minerals are mined.

We have the task of ensuring that the Amazon rainforest continues unimpaired. We must not allow trees to be felled in an area, which act as oxygen factories to produce the air that every human being and every animal on this planet needs. We must do everything we can to convince people, governments, organizations and the world that it is a crime for trees to be felled in the Amazon rainforest. It is our task to mobilize all means to achieve this goal.   


Other Locations


123, Dev Plaza, 34th Street, New Delhi, 110011


16 Munique Rd, Birdsville QLD 4482, Australia


5th Floor, St Adams Towers, P. O. Box 1234, Nairobi, Kenya

United States

123 S Westmore Rd, Lombard, IL 60148, United States

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