Causes and Consequences
of Climate Change

The greatest challenge facing the planet  is climate change. Human activity is its main origin and its effects can be devastating.

But do you really know what climate change is and how it affects you? We discover the causes and consequences of this climate crisis that already affects the whole world.

According to the United Nations convention (UNFCCC), climate change is a change in the climate, attributed directly or indirectly to human activity.

The sudden variations in the climate are associated with various industrial processes that require the burning of fossil fuels, the massive felling of forest mass and the use of polluting fertilizers and many more factors alter the composition of the global atmosphere in addition to regular changes, which naturally, they occur on the planet.

The Earth has natural cycles that occur from time to time, among which are climatic changes. For example, about 10,000 years ago, our planet’s climate was colder than it is today and glaciers occupied a large percentage of the earth’s surface; little by little changes took place that put an end to that last glacial period.
However, in recent decades all living beings have participated in the acceleration of this process, which occurs naturally.

What reasons have caused this? Greenhouse Effect

There is much scientific evidence that demonstrates the serious causes and consequences of climate change on our planet: