Companies and Consortium Leaders

Since 2021, Planetlungs Amazonas and ACRENAP have been developing various scientific studies in mutual cooperation within the Peruvian Amazon. These scientific studies are highly significant as they cover numerous aspects of conservation, reforestation and care, all based on scientific principles and adapted to climate change.

Our objectives are not only focused on conservation but also on adapting food plants for climate change, achieving CO2 reduction and mitigating the warming of the Gulf Stream to prevent further catastrophes in Europe, North America and other regions. Our work spans an area of more than 14,576,113 Hectares (fourteen million five hundred seventy-six thousand one hundred thirteen) in the Peruvian Amazonas.

Given that the objectives of Planetlungs Amazonas and ACRENAP are over 80% aligned and complementary in many aspects, the partners of both organizations have decided to form a Business Consortium. This will enable us to effectively cooperate and achieve the targets set by our companies, aiming to reach climate neutrality by deciding to create a Business Consortium, to effectively fulfill the plans to achieve a neutral climate until 2030.


Uwe Lehnfeld-Planetlungs President
Luz Norma Arones-Planetlungs

Uwe W. Alfred Lehnfeld

Luz Norma Aronés Ch.

M.A. MBA. He is a communicator and economist with a multifaceted career. In addition to being an author, journalist, and linguist, he also excels as a press spokesperson and entrepreneur.

His expertise spans from serving as a business consultant for international marketing of industrial goods to working as a financial intermediary and IT specialist.

He is the founder and vice president of the non-profit organization “”.


Industrial and Systems Engineer with over 30 years of experience, specializing in SAP modules including Controlling, Financial Management, Material Management and Business Warehouse. Skilled in the development and project planning of industrial, ecological and agro-industrial initiatives.

Founder of NAPECA TRADING SA, a textile production company in Peru established in 1980. Also the founder of the non-profit organization “Planetlungs Amazonas” (Peru-2021),

Currently planning to implement waste recycling, reforestation and biodiversity conservation projects, sponsorships and ecotourism initiatives. Responsible for marketing management in the Amazon region. Additionally, planning to establish the production of climate-neutral energy carriers such as hydrogen and methanol.


Asociacion para el Desarrollo y Conservacion de los Recursos Naturales Peru

Efrain Bonzano Sosa-ACRENAP



(Born in 1969)

Biologist, ecologist, entomologist, biochemist, senior manager, author of numerous publications, documentaries on nature, and educational materials for students from specialized faculties of various universities worldwide. As president of the ACRENAP Association, he develops the general policy and strategy of the organization and presents the results of the organization’s projects at national and international conferences and symposia. Principal author, creator, and first president of the “Avireri Vraem” Biosphere Reserve in Peru, the largest in area and richest in biodiversity among other reserves in South America. Currently assigned by ORS UNFCCC as the National Coordinator of the ACRENAP Association, a registered Observer Organization of the UNFCCC (also among UNFCCC groups – RINGO and ENGO).

(Born in 1956)

Forestry engineer, environmentalist, author, and co-author of various publications on the flora and fauna of the Amazon and issues of global warming, as well as on native and exotic forest species. Principal promoter of the creation of the ACRENAP Association, holding the position of Executive Director for over 23 years, being responsible for the legal representation of the organization, as well as planning and establishing the lines of action and operational management since its foundation. Together with the president, he determines all scientific research activities to be developed and is the official representative of the ACRENAP Association in the UNFCCC RINGO and ENGO groups.