Is it important to make a will?

I remember my grandmother repeating her best wishes to all of us so many times when she was away. At that time, I could not understand the importance or concern of my grandmother to settle all of her assets on time. Everything she was so proud of. Even small things, like the flower pots in the hallway, were already numbered and marked.

Who would have it and how would he or she take care of it so that it keeps a worthy place, stays beautiful and participates in life?

Now that I’m an adult, I just understand her questioning her will, her level-headedness, and her concern for the important things in her life. It was important to her to regulate her fate for the time when she was no longer able to do it herself. All her life she had taken responsibility, understood the way of things, shaped her life, loved what depended on her and wanted this creation to live on in dignity. She wanted to pass this treasure of possessions, property and loved ones on to the right hands. She knew exactly what would happen if she didn’t take precautions, and that worried her.

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